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The newer iPhone keyloggers provide a remote control panel dashboard as illustrated on the page above where clients can see all chats two-sided , phone calls, text messages, GPS location for tracking the iPhone in real-time or past locations as well as social network activity such as Facebook. This has proven to be a much better solution than a traditional iPhone keylogger because all the data is consolidated into a single location that can be accessed from any device that has an internet connection. Another advancement made to a traditional iPhone keystroke logger is remote installation, older versions o the software required the installer to have physical access to the iPhone device as well as a cable connection to the device via a PC or Mac.


The latest versions of the iOS spy app can be installed locally as well as remotely and no cable connection required. The iPhone Spy Application listed on this page is one of the few that does not require a monthly subscription and includes free updates as well as a lifetime license. Unlike traditional keyloggers that only captured information input, new keylogging apps for iPhone capture incoming information as well as outgoing information; allowing users to see chats and social network activity from both sides of the conversation.

Once the software has been installed it will continue to run invisibly and undetectable in the background. It cannot be found in system processes or in installed applications. The device will then begin reporting to the users own remote control panel dashboard allowing them to see what is taking place on the device. The keylogger for iPhone is used by many employers, concerned parents, and those who wish to protect their family or business. Some keylogger users install the application on their own devices as a safety backup in the event that their iPhone is lost or stolen; this enables them to track the stolen iPhone device and recover information that would have otherwise been lost.

No, the iPhone application will work on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. A jailbroken device will provide more information than a non-jailbroken device, although most of the features function normally with or without jailbreaking the iOS device.

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The Highster iPhone Keylogger Spy app includes free and invisible updates, so that when new features are added their users will find the information in their report control panel dashboard. Additional features includes: 1 Remote Removal remove instantly without physical access 2 Remote Picture taking 3 Keyword alert notifications be instantly alerted if a particular word or phrase is used 4 Application Blocking optionally block applications that are not approved of 5 View all applications installed on iPhone device.

You do not need to jailbreak the iPhone to take advantage of most of the iPhone Spy Apps features, however there are many good reasons to jailbreak the iOS device including the new iOS As well as the video URL provided below:. In the event you would like to jailbreak the iPhone you must first install Cydia Pro which is compatible with all versions of iOS including the most recent Once Cydia Pro has been installed follow the instructions on the video below to jailbreak the iPhone without having to connect the phone to a computer:.

The method used in the video URL above is the easiest form of jailbreaking a newer iPhone and is recommended prior to more complex forms of iPhone jailbreaking for keylogger installation. The Highster Keylogger for iPhone support team can be reached via phone and e-mail. They offer installation experts who are intimate with all iPhone devices and iOS versions. If calling is not convenient they can also be reached via e-mail at support highstermobile. The software can be purchased anonymously, securely and with no data provided to any third parties via this page.

Upon purchase you will receive an email with your control panel login information as well as the keylogger for iPhone download. You may wish to install the iPhone spy remotely in which case you simply enter the Apple ID credentials. If you wish to install locally you can download the software in your control panel direct to the iPhone without connecting it to a computer by simply opening the control panel and clicking download on the iPhones device.

Other users prefer downloading the app to a sim card and plugging it into the iPhone device. Other options include attaching the application to an e-mail and using the iPhone to check their e-mail and downloading the app from the e-mail that they sent. The possibilities are endless as the file size is smaller than a typical photo and installation is generally under two minutes. The control panel dashboard is simple, modern, and easy to use.

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Unlike a typical keylogger with endless text reports to sort through, Highster lets you click what you want to see. Value is what Highster is all about. The lifetime license is about the same price as many other iOS keylogger developers charge for a single month.

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The software includes free lifetime upgrades allowing you to take advantage of new features as they are incorporated and invisibly updated into your installation of Highster. Highster is compatible with all Apple iOS versions, iPhones and iPads both jailbroken and non-jailbroken. As with all spy and keylogging applcations the application perfoms better on jailbroken devices, but it is not required.

Additionally the iOS device can be jailbroken with no iCloud locking at a later time if the user so chooses. Updates are free for the life of the software and at present its been running strong for nearly 7 years. So there is no physical access to the iPhone required and nothing to download — simply login to your control panel with the required credentials and Highster will do the rest. In the event that the Apple credentials are inaccessible, manual installation is simple and easy as well. You will receive a download link upon purchase and that link is the Highster application file that installs no differently than any other 3rd party application for iOS.

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You can open your e-mail on the phone you wish to install the application to and click the link. The process takes about 2 minutes as you simply download and input your license key. Once installed all reports are encrypted and invisibly sent to your control panel dashboard. Virtually any local or remote installation keylogger for PC or Mac can acquire that information. Highster is 1 for one simple reason. If you require a remote installation keylogging app for an iPhone or an iPad the only other option is subscription based mSpy, which costs the same price for one month as Highster does for a lifetime — and captures the exact same information.

For this reason we give Highster for non-jailbroken iOS devices our stamp of approval. You never need access to the iPhone and simply enter the Apple credentials in your Highster dashboard. Highster for jailbroken devices is the best value spy app for iOS devices. It lacks some of the features of expensive subscription based keyloggers such as FlexiSpy or mSpy, these features include some chat apps and the ability to spoof SMS test messages.

The ultimate side-by-side keylogger comparison for Android devices that have not been rooted. Cyberflirts and honeypot services are inexpensive and can do all the work for you. Our most popular PC keylogger and Android spy app lifetime license and multiple installations.

Keylogger features can be confusing. Take a look at our glossary and definitions for a greater understanding.

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Key logging is one of the many functionalities offered by the software but its definitely not limited to just that. A few of the most notable features provided by mSpy to its users are listed below for your understanding. The best part about this iphone key logger is that it provides a comprehensive record of the chats made by your kids on different messaging applications. It enables you to find out who your kids have been talking to and what are they talking about. The kidlogger application is especially designed to cater the parental control requirements but it is just as good to use with other purposes as well.

It may be a good choice if you are interested in spying on your spouse or your employees as well. The app keeps track of all the conversations made by the user along with the applications that are being used on the iPhone owned by the user. Last but not the least, kidlogger also provides you with access to the files downloaded by the user on their iPhone. Highster Mobile is only available in a paid premium version. This suggests the fact that the company is very serious about providing high quality services in exchange of the offered services.

In addition to the basic key logging capabilities, the software also offers a number of high end features including blocking against inappropriate online content, search engine monitoring, etc.

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  5. It also generates timestamps providing information on time spent by the user on different applications. Last but not the least, Highster Mobile enables you to access the contacts, messages and location of the user as well. It is the right choice for people looking to get the basic keylogging functionalities from an easy to use application. Some of the most common control features offered by the application include sms monitoring, call monitoring, application control, password control, etc.

    Flexispy is considered to be among the most popular and most commonly used keylogger applications for iPhone since it is known to be very reliable and dependable. The product offers the very basic functionalities only but when it comes to the legitimacy of that information, Flexispy definitely passes with flying colors. It has a user friendly and easy to use interface. In addition to the free version, there are two paid versions including Extreme and Premium.

    The Extreme version provides some additional features such as camera access, controlling microphone, phone calls recording, password cracking, etc. It also provides spoofing tools that may be used for a number of purposes. It is a good tool to make sure your kids are managing to stay within the safe zone since internet can be a very dangerous place for kids. Cyber bullying alone is something so terrible that it can scar a kid for the rest of their life. So the best course of action is to make sure that your kid is always out of the red zone and the best way to do so is to make use of the Pumpic iPhone Keylogger.

    It provides the required information on who your kids are talking to and what applications have they been using for most of their time. We have been associated with the field of internet security for a long time now. The aim behind developing this website was to transform our passion for technology into something productive that may turn out to be beneficial for the rest of the world as well. So, we decided to come up with this site and so far we have worked on some highly informative work that has benefited a lot of people over the course of time.

    We believe in legitimacy of content. If you are looking to get a remote keylogger for iPhone without jailbreak, you have managed to come to the right place. We have been working on iPhone related applications for a very long time. Our team members really know their stuff and they surely possess the capacity to identify legitimate applications from bogus ones.

    There are tons of iphone key loggers available on the internet but the ones identified by our team members are guaranteed to be completely credible and trustable with any type of information. How we picked and tested? We have a team of dedicated professionals who really work up every little detail of the product before identifying it as a good fit for our guides. In this case, we considered a number of iPhone key logger applications.

    Some of them were effective while some were not up to the mark. After analyzing several applications on the basis of different parameters, we were able to come up with some of the best iPhone key loggers available in the market. The next phase involved the testing of the selected applications. Our team members not only tested these applications on their own iPhones, but they also got reviews from the actual users of these applications. In addition to this, we also went through the reviews posted about these applications on different online forums.